25 Random Things About Me...

1. My family moved 20 times before I was 18. This left me with a handful of personality traits: an ability to adapt to new circumstances, difficulty maintaining long-term friendships, and a feeling that I’m always just passing through.

2. When I was a kid, I spent inordinate amount of time convincing myself I was actually one of the kids from “Escape to Witch Mountain” or other space alien/Jedi superhuman. Actually, I still do this. 

3. I hate scary movies. No matter how ridiculous the acting, premise or gory special effects, I always take it much too seriously. 

4. I’ve never had a “real” job. I’m actually quite proud of this. 

5. I have a work life that many consider to be extreme, but I consider myself fairly lazy because of how much I always still have to do (to any of my clients/employers, please disregard this; I’m hard at work right now).

6. I become self-centered and destructive when I get bored.

7. I have a tendency to want to be all things to all people, and get annoyed with myself when I can‘t live up to everyone’s expectations. 

8. I consider myself a fairly bad friend, so I usually try to make up for it by being polite when I’m around that person.

9. #8 is usually true unless I find someone boring, then #6 is true. 

10. I originally wanted to be a writer because I thought I would be invited to more interesting parties (I wasn't). 

11. I have found that being benignly self-interested has kept me out of far more trouble than trying to be overtly altruistic.

12. Becoming a father completely changed my view of the world and shifted my priorities, so much so that I barely recognize my life before. It is the one area of my life that is hard to communicate to friends that don’t have kids. 

13. I love gossip, but I try to be good natured about it.

14. A tremendous amount of my self-esteem comes from being perceived as smart.

15. I have a tendency to start responses with “No”. As in “No, I [long pause as I think about what someone said] . . .”

16. I love chess but have absolutely no aptitude for it. My sister beat me 13 times in a row one summer when I was 11 and she was 9. I haven’t improved much since then. 

17. I love the political process and feel a sense of responsibility to get more involved. However, our current political climate makes me... sad. 

18. I have no interest in gambling for money, but, love gambling on people, ideas, real estate and ridiculous personal athletic pursuits.

19. I knew within a week of dating that I was going to marry my wife, in that non-logical way of love. Luckily, she felt the same.

20. My favorite activities are playing cards with my kids or exercising with my wife.

21. Many of my current responsibilities require that I act in ways that I would have been appalled at as an effete intellectual in college.. Strangely. I think I’m okay with it.

22. I have a tendency to think of most actions in reference to how I would defend myself in front of a panel of Senators, ie “Mr. Moe, you have a long history of driving with no hands while texting to friends. How do you think this makes you look to the youth of America?”

23. I was concerned when I finished college that my days of exciting adventures were over and I was destined for an endless cubicle-dwelling, Walter Mitty-esque life. I now think that my post-college years are ten times more exciting and rewarding than college.

24. I love the witty banter of ideas and/or disagreements that one sees in plays by Oscar Wilde, Neil Simon and Tom Stoppard and feel compelled to create those situations in my life. Unfortunately, my wife or children usually think I’m just being a jerk and tells me to shut up. 

25. I am happiest when the normal rules no longer apply.