I don't think I'm alone when I admit for the last couple months, I've felt like our national discourse has become something of a WWE Title fight. The most depressing part of recent months was this feeling that all the adults had disappeared and we were now in a constant game of dodgeball

The benefit concert for hurricane relief One America Appeal was one of those moments when it seemed like we took a step back into a more civil time. Five former Presidents stood together and made us remember what it was like when political affiliations didn't mean that we had to hate the other party. Here are a few thoughts I had when I saw the picture of them standing together:

  • Barak Obama knows you miss him
  • George H.W. Bush was the last Republican that understood the responsibilities of the Presidency
  • Bill Clinton's personal faults are catching up with him
  • George W. Bush is our modern Gerald Ford
  • Jimmy Carter will outlive us all