Thoroughly Thursday - The "Financing Wonder Woman" Edition

"This must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursday."
- Douglas Adams (via Arthur Dent)

Welcome back to Thoroughly Thursday, the "Financing Wonder Woman" edition. I have to admit the last couple days of news has made me feel icky and depressed. As further revelations are unearthed about Harvey Weinstein, I'm finding myself increasingly unnerved by many fellow male members of our species. By all accounts, Weinstein is/was a horrible person and the "grotesque lothario with a casting couch" has been part of Hollywood for decades, but there are SO MANY OTHERS. Listen, I'm proud to be a guy, but this has to change. I think a great way to start would be to use Harvey Weinstein's personal fortune to finance the next Wonder Woman movie.  

What I'm Watching - 
I finally saw Blade Runner 2049 this last weekend and really liked it. I think that it did a great job of preserving what makes the first Blade Runner great, but expanding the viewer's perspective of the world and the original story. I've heard some criticism of the movie as being too long, but I think, much like the original, this is a movie that's acceptance will grow over time. I say a bit more about it over here

What I'm Reading (article) - 
Rex Tillerson at the Breaking Point by Dexter Filkins (who has the coolest name in journalism IMHO). This harrowing (ooh, the chills) article about the current predicament of the State Department and the man who runs it really seems to want to give me the willies. Tillerson, who is neither a brilliant statesman (he's secretive and autocratic) nor given opportunity to be one, is trying to wheedle a path for US Foreign policy with a difficult boss, a nuclear North Korea, and a gutted diplomatic infrastructure. It's a long read (about 20min) but you can read my notes on the article here in less than a minute. Or, you can hear him on Fresh Air with Terry Gross where he talks about this article and his profile on Secretary of Defense James Mattis from earlier this summer.

What I'm Listening to - 
Have you ever heard of the Trolley Problem? A couple years ago the BBC Radio 4 did a great little video about it (and narrated by Harry Shearer). Well, recently Radiolab (who I recommended before for their episode about intelligent forests) did a great episode called Driveless Dilemma which delves into how neuroscience is showing us the complex moral reasoning that is triggered by Trolley Problem. It's relevant because artificial intelligence (ie. driverless cars) will soon need to solve these problems too

What I'm thinking about - 
"There are no more excuses for leaving women out of the inner circles of power. Qualified women are everywhere. Women are ready for leadership; they just need to be identified and asked." - Madeleine M. Kunin

What I'm promoting - Thoroughly Thursday started as a part of DTG's marketing efforts but has become something more fun and interesting for me (and hopefully for you). I've decided to re-vamp the DTG website and to let Thoroughly Thursday exist as my newsletter on where I can include it with more long-form content that I develop on non-Thursday days. But, don't worry, I'll still talk about work stuff occasionally. :)

All the best, and remember, tomorrow is Friday. :)

Scott Moe

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