Thoroughly Thursday - The "Gun Show" Edition

"This must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursday."
- Douglas Adams (via Arthur Dent)

Welcome back to Thoroughly Thursday, "the Gun Show" edition. I truly wish I was talking about a different kind of "gun show". Unfortunately, Sunday night someone had to remind us how deeply troubled we can be as a country when it comes to gun violence. I don't know if there is anything I can say that isn't floating through the ether in ever-increasing volume. However, my beloved friend, EM Lewis, wrote an amazing play called the Gun Show which talks about firearms in a far more articulate way than I ever could. The play discusses how guns played a double-edge in her life and relationships and how one of those stories was the death of her husband (who was also my best friend). I highly recommend it.  

Nearly every gun owner I know has a sober appreciation for the weapons they own, though some are a bit weird about itPRI's "the World" had an excellent interview with NYT's Max Fisher that talked about the "gun culture" in America as something that most other countries don't understand. Our fetishization with gun ownership is something that those living outside the US find bizarre and disturbing in the same way we, as Americans, are mystified by Saudi Arabia's treatment of womentribal culture in Afghanistan, or cannibalism in New Giunea. Yay! 'Merica!

What I'm Watching - 
"The unheard story of David and Goliath | Malcolm Gladwell" -  I watched this TED talk from 2013 this weekend. Gladwell is a good writer (I quote Outliers way too much) but he's actually a very entertaining speaker, in the gawky, professor-y way. In his talk, he discusses how neither side may have been as they've been commonly portrayed and that the scenario may have played out the ancient ritual of bringing a gun to a knife fight

What I'm Listening to - 
In 1995, I spent a miserable few months "finding myself" post-college in a tiny, seaside village on the south coast of Wales called Saundersfoot. There were three pubs in the village but no stores, so once a week I would walk a coastal path to the local town of Tenby. In my Walkman was a mix tape that had Tom Waits"Bone Machine" on one side and Nick Cave's "The Good Son" on the other. It never got old. 

What I'm promoting - 
Last week, I mentioned that I was on working on a video about the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico with friends Charity on Top. We finished putting it together this weekend and were just starting the process of promoting it when the events of Las Vegas happened. 

If you are interested, our video "What's Happening in Puerto Rico" is here. If you are interested in donating, our suggested charities can be found here

What I'm asking - 
What's with the paper towels? Did anyone think about the optics of that?

All the best, and remember, tomorrow is Friday. :)

Scott Moe

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