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Murder Your Darlings: Chuck Some of Your Work Every Day

It has never been easier to get your creative work seen as it is today. Between blogs, podcasts, YouTube, SoundCloud, and an army of social media apps, anyone can build a following for their art, music, or writing. However, one of the downsides of attracting that audience is that content creators often feel the need to continually develop new material for our waiting (or, at least, potential) audience.

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5 Ways Video Marketing Will Be Different in 2019

Video marketing continues to grow as a leading source of customer outreach. Cisco has famously predicted that video will account for nearly 85% of internet traffic by 2021. Combined with current stats such as 78% of people watch online video each week or that 59% of executives admit that they would rather watch a video than read text, it’s clear that future will be cinematic. Here are some ideas of how those trends will be present in 2019.

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