A Free Morning to Run


On most weekdays we are scrambling to ge to work, take care of the kids, and keep our home and lives functioning. 

But, every once in awhile there is a free morning (like today) where we can go exercise and be together. There are some couples that bond over drinks or shared meals or building furniture together, and that is awesome. However, for us, it’s a bit different. Drinks are fine, but formal dinners together always feel awkward, and I’m useless with tools. 

For us, it’s when we run, hike, bike or walk together. It’s never that fast, always slow enough to have a conversation, but we can plan and work out issues while powering up a (literal) mountain. 

So, thank you, K, for slowing down when I’m winded and out of shape. You make exercise (and free mornings) fun.