A List of Lost Envies

Photo by Joshua Earle via Unsplash

Photo by Joshua Earle via Unsplash

I’ve been trying to start most days with morning pages lately, though often morning pages are often more like noon-pages or late afternoon pages. However, recently I wrote a line that I stopped on: 

“Dig a ditch in a muddy valley and bury all your long, lost envies.“

Here is a small, definitely-not comprehensive list of envies come and gone by year:

4yrs old: the better crayons

6yrs old: my father’s cowboy boots

7yrs old: the toys in the Sears Christmas Catalog

8yrs old: hermits who lived in secret places in the woods

9yrs old: My friend’s GI Joe USS Flagg Aircraft Carrier

10yr old: alien kids w/ telekinetic powers (al Escape from Witch Mountain)

11yrs old:  driving cars

12yrs old: New England boarding schools

13yrs old: ninjas

14yrs old: guys who could talk to girls

15yrs old: people who could tan and not turn lobster-red

16yrs old: Lisa’s red, convertable Mustang (I drove an Orange Gremlin) 

17yrs old: Anyone who wasn’t a virgin

18 - 22yrs old: People who got good grades/ (alternately) people who could get me into good parties

23 - 24yrs old: People who had jobs  

25yrs old: People younger than 25yrs old

26 - 33yrs old: People who had briefcases and important titles 

34yrs old: Anyone who owned investment real estate

35 - 40yrs old: Anyone who didn’t own investment real estate

40 - 43yrs old:  Corporate Type-A Executives

44yrs old: Tesla owners

45yrs old: People with pensions


What are your lost envies?