A New School Year Begins

Photo by  Jed Villejo  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jed Villejo on Unsplash

There is something so wonderful about your kids finally returning to school. I know, as parents, we're not really supposed to say that, but life is so much simpler when everyone gets up at 7am and leaves the house. Yes, the crush of afternoon activities starts again soon, but out of chaos, there is structure. Perhaps the structure is like a rusted iron maiden, but it beats the weeks of disorganized and semi-delirious children lying around the house. 

Thank you, School Year. As both of my children are in high school, I have a limited number of years left to enjoy these moments, but like pumpkin spice lattes and too-early Halloween decorations, you signal the changing season. And before I know it, you'll be done and I will have to figure out a more effective way to keep my children from spending another summer lying on the floor watching Netflix on their phones and creating dirty dishes in the sink.