Blade Runner 2049 - Sorta like a Tarkovsky movie if you had $150mil to spend


I had a weird moment when I was watching Blade Runner 2049 in the theatre on Friday. I had chosen to go all out and see it in IMAX and between all the very many many times I thought "Jeepers this is loud" I wondered if this version of Blade Runner would replace the original Blade Runner as one of my favorite movies. 

I think the jury is out on that for awhile. It took me years to appreciate the first movie (with obsessive viewing and cultural dives) and it just feels like this one will take awhile to absorb and consider. 

However, a point that a lot of people objected to was the pacing. "Too long" seems to be the general sentiment. However, I have to admit I liked the deep building tension and the opportunity to explore the gorgeous world that cinematographer Roger Deakins made. It reminded me a lot (at various points) of "Stalker" by Andrei Tarkovsky who often left you hanging while he slowly peeled back a scene

It's too bad that Blade Runner 2049 isn't doing well at the box office. Unfortunately, I think it will be another Blade Runner movie that might take years to be properly appreciated