Board Games


When my kids were barely toddlers, we would occasionally play board games or cards with them. Never Shoots and Ladders, but we played many games of Sorry, thousands of hands of UNO, aquariums of GoFish.  In recent years, we started playing on our Xbox (Lego Hobbit has been a favorite, and more recently Warframe). We played the Family Feud board game this evening. T (my youngest) had insisted and the rest of us relented. 

I realized a few things relatively quickly:

  1. I never want to play board games. (ie. if you ask me to play Monopoly, my answer is nearly always no). 
  2. I almost always have a good time. 
  3. I don't mind losing. 
  4. I laugh more when playing board games with my family than almost any other time. 

When I took my family to see Thor: Ragnarok in a state-of-the-art theatre it cost $75. Buying Family Feud: the Home Edition was 20 bucks two years ago and we've played it a dozen times. As cost-effective strategies that cause joy, I think we have a winner (just probably not me while playing it).

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