Breakfast Board Gaming on "The 7th Continent"


It was Lori’s birthday, and she made the Bloody Mary’s. Jon brought the salad and the game called The 7th Continent. We started playing at 9am.

In the game, the players are a group of expeditionists that have landed on a mysterious island. You have to work cooperatively to explore the terrain before a curse kills your group.

The game is played nearly entirely on cards that are meticulously numbered in two large decks. Much like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, each choice leads to new maps and new challenges. It is a dastardly hard game to play well, though we are making progress. We played for four hours this morning when we had to take a hiatus, and we aren’t dead yet.

So, that was good.


If you are interested in learning more about the 7th Continent, there is a relatively short review on Ars Technica.