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A Scott Moe Creative Project - Holiday Animations for Client Charity On Top

I’m excited to announce that this last week, I was able to work on a two projects for friends/client Charity On Top. If you are looking for a gift to get “the person who has everything” definitely check out their website as a great gift-giving option.

For our project, we created a new short animation and updated a previous video as part of their Holiday promotions. The first was straight promotional for social media ads, while the second is a Holiday update to their Introduction animation.

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Rain in Los Angeles

I love the rain in Los Angeles. For us, since it happens so infrequently, it always feels special. Thursday morning, I heard raindrops on the window when I woke up. It was soothing.

That afternoon, a rainbow crossed over the freeway as I was driving home, which has to be a good sign. I should buy a lottery ticket or something.

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