Double F' Yeah! My Awesome-Super Intentions for 2019

Yesterday, I wrote about my (super-awesome) goals for 2019. Today, I wanted to talk about my Goal-Setting Intentions.

Jeepers, I feel like Oprah.

Where my Goals are what I want to accomplish this year, my Intentions are how I would like to achieve my goals. There are no dates or specific, measurable elements in my Intentions, but rather the mindset and habits I would like employ throughout the year.

  1. Work off a calendar schedule to accomplish tasks and projects.

  2. Integrate my family, friends and professional network into my activities.

  3. Stay calm and focused through sleep, meditation, and deliberate rest.

  4. Make it fun, and funny.

  5. Keep it simple.

That's it. I could add in many more (give lots of hugs, eat less sugar), but the reality is I don't think I would be able to remember more than a handful. Also, #5 kind of makes it silly to have dozens of “intentions.”

I hope your intentions for 2019 are positive, cool and lead to lots of super-awesome (and awesome-super) accomplishments.