Getting It Done Right

A New Favorite Picture - Stariata (Grandpa) Gorenć with K’s cousin Alex

A New Favorite Picture - Stariata (Grandpa) Gorenć with K’s cousin Alex

Over the last couple weeks since returning home from Europe, I have been in a bit of a creative funk. I haven’t created much new work after several months of posting blogs, videos and photos nearly daily. I was in a groove for weeks, but since coming back I have largely been silent.

Largely, it is because I’ve been working on several larger and more personal videos about my family’s  recent trip to Europe. We met so many of my wife K’s relatives (aunts, uncles, cousins, family friends) and heard so many stories about her parents and grandparents that I’ve been racing to capture and edit the various encounters as short films while I still have a feel for what happened.

As much as I hoped that I would be able to complete the edits of our trip within a few days of returning, the project has started to drag out. I have several clients that I put on hold during my travels, my daughters started school this last week, and I’m trying to be productive on all the things that got pushed aside this summer. Also, I know that it is important that I get these videos right and that I present each as an honest story of our time together. I have (literally) hundreds of shots to review, color-correct, and incorporate into a narrative structure without making a 4hr monstrosity. It’s tempting to push it off.

I know for both my career (and my general sanity) that I need to return to posting daily videos. I’m yearning to allow my creativity out and present my experiences and adventures in short 2min films each day.

But, I can’t. The moment I shift my focus is the moment these family films become an adandoned project. I know it, K knows it, and you (probably) know it too. Because, it is hard but important. And though I would love to shift to a fun and easy activity, I need to keep at this and get it across the finish line. Because sometimes it’s worth it to get something done right.