A Gift of Getting Older


We had dinner with family friends not to long ago. Our combined kids disappeared into the back house within minutes and the adults sauntered into different directions. At the giant table in their living room, my friend sat staring at a giant plastic jug half-filled with a clear liquid and a small, glass pyrex measuring cup. The jug was about half-empty. My friend had a medical procedure scheduled for the following morning, which made the fact that he and his wife were willing to host dinner at his house even more gracious. It would be his first (routine) colonoscopy.   A gift for living past 50. 

- You have to drink that?

- Yep. One cup every 15min until the entire jug is gone. 

- Doesn't sound to bad. 

- Yeah, I thought so too when I started two hours ago.  Now I'm pretty sure I'm going to be sick. 

- No food.

- Nope.

- Is is working? 


-  Cheers!

Scott MoeComment