"He'll Enjoy Oklahoma's Wide Open Spaces. He loves to run and run and run."


This weekend, I got to introduce my girls to the cinematic gem "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels".

It always gives me pause showing a favorite, vintage movie to my girls. So, often the humor or references are "ahem"... anachronistic for our modern viewpoints. Case in point, it's hard not to think of the Irish village at the center of John Wayne's "The Quiet Man" (one of my favorite movies by John Ford) as an epicenter of alcoholism, spousal abuse, and brawling. 

But, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels was fantastic, and though slightly dated, holds up well to modern scrutiny. Michael Caine is effortless as highbrow swindler Lawerence Jamison and Glenne Headly as their sympathetic mark Janet Colgate. My daughters loved the film's final twist. But, for me, it's Steve Martin's portrayal of Freddy Bensen/Rupecht that remains one of my favorite absurdist characters.