I Gave Up My Seat, and It Didn’t Suck

I’m on my way to New Jersey and had a 10:10amflight. The flight was full so they asked if someone would give up their seat. I don’t have any meetings until the morning, so I went to the flight desk and asked how long it would be until the follow up flight. The attendent looked at her screen. “3:30pm”, she said, “getting in at 11:45pm.” 

Waiting on Standby

Waiting on Standby

”And, how much is the credit?”

”$800 credit voucher.”

”I have work to do. Can I use the Executive Club?”

”No, sorry, sir. We don’t have the authority to offer that.”

Five additional hours trying to work with a laptop on my knees in the concourse, followed by arriving in at my hotel at 2amdidn’t seem that great a trade-off. Was $800 worth that? What number would be enough for that hassle? I didn’t know, but $800 didn’t seem like enough.

“Yeah, sorry. I’ll keep my seat.”

My daughter stole my other stringbag. 

My daughter stole my other stringbag. 

I got back into line. I was in the final boarding group and it was moving pretty slow. I was standing behind three young Australians who were talking about New York City. They seemed fun. A different attendent announced that as we were the final boarding group and the flight was fully booked, we were forced to check our carry-on bags. A collective sigh went out from a the group.

“We are now offering a $1000 flight credit for anyone would volunteer to give up their seat on this flight.”

I raised my hand.”Yeah, okay.”

I had found my number.


UPDATE: After a couple minutes of discussion of if they would need my seat, they gave me my $1000 credit, a $10 meal voucher and put me on standby for the 11:05am that was already boarding. I grabbed a salad, stuffed it in my bag, and ended up catching the flight.

Sometimes, you win.