I Suddenly Discovered Grimes and now I Don't want to Listen to Anything Else

The Wonderfully Weird Venus Fly by Grimes (w/ Janelle Monáe)

So, a few weeks ago, I heard that Elon Musk was dating Grimes, and I thought "who's Grimes?" Supposedly, this was something interesting as she wasn't just referred to as a new girlfriend, but rather as an artistic sprite that somehow melded with Musk's semi-robotic nature. Or, at least, that is what the papers said.

Then, yesterday, Apple released a new commercial featuring Grimes. She seemed interesting, like that crazy New York aunt that talks about chakras and dates a drug dealer named Steve, but only on the hush-hush. As it is 2018, it took me less than 2min to start playing her album Art Angels on Spotify. 

At first, I was a little taken aback by the vocals (which are high and ethereal) but I really like it. It's kind of like listening to an anime character create an art-pop crossover record, as if Sailor Moon suddenly became a really good DJ.

I think I have a new music crush.