(In)Dependence Day


After several days of travel, I was gloriously sleeping in this morning. My sleep cycle has been off lately, so often find myself awake at odd times, and with less sleep than usual.

The sun was shining in from the windows, and I felt so comfortable in my own bed. I had no idea what time it was. I wanted it to be 2pm or 3pm, and for someone in a lab coat and a clipboard to come and say:

”Wow, you slept 17hrs. You are completely and totally rested.”

Alas, it was not meant to be. My youngest came into my room and poked me. “Hurry up. It’s almost 10 and the parade starts soon. My friends are waiting.” 

I groaned.  

A few moments later, K came over. “You’ve taken the girls to the parade every year. You have set an expectation.”

I rolled over, but I knew I had already lost. I was awake. 

During the handful of minutes it took me to shower, shave and dress, my youngest daughter’s friends had decided the parade was boring and had decided to hang out in the park instead. She shrugged, “I don’t really want to go anymore. But, we can go to the coffeeshop and get a pastry instead.”

“Oh, we’re going to the parade,” I said, laughing evilly. “We go every year. There is an expectation.”

 And, we went. 



10min after we got to the parade she ditched me and found her friends. But, the parade still was still fun. 



Scott MoeComment