Love is a Bag of Have’a Corn Chips


K and my oldest left late last night to visit our family in the Midwest. My darling niece just graduated from high school and though we all wanted to be there, my youngest is the lead in a her Studio’s dance recital (she is Alice in a production of “Alice in Wonderland”) on Sunday. So, she and I are staying in SoCal.

When I was a kid, a weekend alone with my dad when my mom was traveling always felt out-of-sorts, like someone had taken the steering wheel off the car while we were driving. He was of a different generation and there were different expectations of what a dad should be able to do around the house. My father technically knew how to cook and when our bedtimes were, but he did experiment with making liverwurst pizza once and we could stay up late if Star Trek reruns were playing. It was fun, but my dad was definitely the substitute teacher to the classroom of our home.

For me, I wanted it to be different. I knew the moment my oldest was born that I wanted to truly “co-parent” with my wife. I couldn't breastfeed, but in everything else I would be there. I never bought into the “inept dad” routine of previous generations and it is one of the few types of teasing that to this day that I don’t appreciate. Being a dad to my two girls is one of the best parts of what I get to do every day and I work hard not to suck at it.

Earlier today, when my youngest was a practice in the final days of reheasal, I found myself at Whole Foods getting a handful of random things and remembered “Have’a Chips!” Have’a Corn Chips are fantastic snack local to SoCal that I discovered when I was in grad school and for a time could only find in a beach-side market in Venice. Ever since Whole Foods started selling them, I would buy a bag for myself but my youngest usually would eat all the chips if I wasn’t looking. Eventually, she started requesting her own bag whenever we were out shopping.

Today, I realized that we were going to have a weekend together and what a better way to start than with our combined favorite treat. As luck would have it, there were only two bags left on the the shelf.

It’s going to be an amazing weekend!