Murder Your Darlings: Chuck Some of Your Work Every Day

It has never been easier to get your creative work seen as it is today. Between blogs, podcasts, YouTube, SoundCloud, and an army of social media apps, anyone can build a following for their art, music, or writing. However, one of the downsides of attracting that audience is that content creators often feel the need to continually develop new material for our waiting (or, at least, potential) audience. There is a strong push to work quickly and turn even the most mundane ideas into something polished for output.

However, the danger is that a constant need to push out finished work comes with the threat of getting stuck in a creative rut. It’s hard to explore when you are under a deadline. There is a tendency to make safe choices, to stick with well-tested formulas, or tweak those things that we know “work.” It can be achingly seductive.

However, one of the critical elements of growing with your creative work is having a chance to consider new ideas, explore concepts and mediums, and to fail frequently. It’s important to strive and miss the mark, so that you can see where you need to improve. Also, it is good to make a habit of dropping things that don’t work, so that you won’t be frightened of it when it really counts.

So, make sure that something that you create every day is meant for only you, your creative spirit, and potentially the trash can. Give yourself some time to make something scary, demanding, or wildly inappropriate for your brand. Maybe it will spark something new that you can use somewhere else. Perhaps it is destined for the recycling bin. Either way, you’ll learn something.