My Friend Harmon

I know lots of people, but only one person I would go to when I screwed up an installation of SQL server on my laptop. Some people are just special that way.

I have been friends with Harmon for nearly 20 years. I met him a few months after finishing graduate school when I started my first ever consulting position. He was leading one of the companies business units.  I was 26 and (largely) clueless as to the realities of the working worls or the expectations of the corporate office. Harmon had a way of working as a mentor/intermediator so that I didn’t offend to many people.

In the years since, I have worked with many other companies, but I have always been able to go back and check in, because he is kind of like a universal moral center. In his quiet, respectful way he makes the world a better place everyday.

Today’s video is about him, because he’s golden.

I hope you have a friend like Harmon. Either way, I hope you have a great weekend.