My Seven Non-Goal Resolutions for 2018

Photo by  on  Unsplash

Photo by on Unsplash

For years and years, I have created annual goals. I have followed various productivity models, aspirational individuals, and often overly-elaborate strategic plans. I won't say they didn't work, but often, I found that my annual goal success was almost entirely arbitrary. So this year, I don't actually have any goals. Instead I'm keeping a handful of thoughts in mind


- For me this is both physical (I have a terrible habit of slouching) and psychological. I think there is something to be said for taking pride in who you are and how you present yourself to the world. 


- This maxim was made famous by Admiral William McRaven. I'm taking it as a general idea of staying organized each day and doing the small things that help provide structure and a minimal amount of discipline. 


This one is good practical advice for your car, especially when it is cold. However, I'm more interested in how I approach the world. I've spent many years with the idea that passion and joi de vivre were exhibited when you worked to exhaustion on your pursuits. I've realized that though this is often a relatively easy way to share "the myth" of zeal, long-term success is nearly always a marathon, not a sprint. After years of often pushing to burnout, I'm ready for a different approach to life's challenges.


This is something that I'm pulling from Seth Godin. Many of my latest goals are about contributing more to the world through writing. And, like anything, it's easier to write the next blog post, next article or next book when you approach it consistently every day. 


We all need quiet time

Again, like the "keep the gas tank half-full" I've had a handful of experiences where I find that if I can keep my mind quiet, I actually accomplish far more than when I'm amped up. This doesn't always come naturally to me though. I want to make more space for "quiet time" be it meditation, naps or reading.


Be kind 

I always want it to be a hallmark of how I interact with others, but I'm often surprised how often I get annoyed, frustrated or hangry and lash out at others.


Be more lazy (only if you aren't already)

I have a terrible tendency to under-prioritize my time (and over-prioritize others) often with terrible consequences. I'm finding it's better to use the mindset "I'm lazy" to help figure out what really needs to get done.

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