Quick thoughts on the #MeToo Movement

Just read a great article on the Daily Beast by Erin Gloria Ryan on the challenges facing the #MeToo movement. 

The #MeToo movement has been such a necessary opportunity for women to realize they're not alone in their experiences and for men to realize how incredibly pervasive sexual harassment and sexual assault are in our society

However, I've thought scandal around Al Franken is was necessary to make the distinctions between a person making a horrible, disgusting choice for which they should apologize and make amends versus violent criminals and sexual predators. I think we are beginning to see the culture at large discuss the differences between "harassment", "assault", and "predation". And as Ryan states, we need to be careful that accusations are credible and considerations for penalties and/or retribution be appropriate, or people may see victims as opportunists intent on revenge. I feel like Franken did the right thing by apologizing and agreeing to an ethics investigation though it may not save his job.  

Of course, that didn't stop the President from making more insinuations. What did really upset me was that Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that the President had the right to criticize Franken because he admitted his guilt while the President did not. This “distinction” probably angers me more than anything the White House has done since the Inauguration.  And, frankly, for Sanders to stand in a room filled with adults an equate innocence with his denials is the worst in moral reasoning. It is also SO AGGRAVATING!  I feel like we are caught in this world of "bully logic" where being an unrepentant (and unadmitted) sexual assaulter somehow means you have the moral high ground. 

UPDATE: In the hours before this posted, another woman accused Franken of misconduct. I honestly don't know what to think at this point. 

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