Rental Driving in the Rain


I was driving a rental car through New Jersey today back to the airport and clouds like these began to close in from the North (or perhaps I was closing in on it). Within a couple minutes of when I took this photo torrents of rain began to fall, flooding through highway. Traffic which had been moving at nearly 80mph slowed to a crawl. I could barely see the tail-lights of the car ahead of me as grey sheets of rain pummelled my car.

Of all the thoughts rushing through my brain, I think it was “why, oh why, didn’t I pay for the extended coverage” which really stuck with me as I drove. “I could total this car off the side of the New Jersey Turnpike and still make my flight back to LA,” I told myself. 

(I’m not sure if that is true, but when you are driving through a temporary lake on a freeway certain things make sense.)

But, I survived and my car was returned unharmed. Next time I visit, I may need to see if I can rent a canoe when I get my car, just in case.