The Semi-Crazy Genius of Jet Lag


It’s been a couple days since my family returned to the States, and we’re all feeling a bit of vacation-withdrawal; that combination of accumulated sleep deprivation, longing for far off shores, and nervousness on returning to the working world.

But, there is a silver lining to all of it. Jet lag, usually terrible, can suddenly feel light and open, as if your brain suddenly decides it doesn’t actually need sleep, and would prefer to hallucinate for the foreseeable future. Those moments are filled with not-quite clarity, not-really peace, but  an almost drug-like experience of your body, mind and soul all whizzing about, trying to decide which time zone they actually belong. 

It feels a bit like being on a spirit journey, or being a bit drunk. Of course, it helps if you’re finishing a vodka tonic when this is all happening. The drink gives all the various parts of you something to focus on while you touch the imaginary elephants.