What I'm reading (article) - Economizing 2017
One interesting tradition of late December is the ubiquitous "Top 10" lists that pop up everywhere. However, one that I am enjoying is the (downloadable) 10 Things We Learned in 2017 by the Economist. I'm a huge fan of the Economist's in-depth, global reporting, but rarely have the discretionary time to read more than the occasional article. However, this collection of 10 (short) articles was a great way to spend a half-hour. It includes why Evangelicals Love Donald Trump (TL;DR - the distinctly twisted American tradition of the Prosperity Gospel),  Finland testing a basic human income for the unemployed, the rise of Bitcoin, and Putin's ascension to Russia's modern Tsar, and plastic-eating caterpillars. You can download it here

This blurb is from the Happy Festivus edition of Thoroughly Thursday.


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