What are Digital Campaigns and Why Should You Care? A Tutorial in a Couple of Tweets.


Digital Campaign Definition: A digital marketing campaign is an online marketing effort utilizing branded content (writing, video, social media) along selective channels to help drive traffic, conversation, and revenue for a company.

Digital Campaign Exploit Multiple Devices: Digital campaigns are meant to be viewed through a variety of media devices. Unlike marketing campaigns of previous generations, today’s campaigns can be viewed via traditional media (TV, print ads), but also desktop web browsers, smartphones, tablets, and gaming devices.

Digital Campaign Have Multiple Channels for Different Types of Content: The vast majority of digital campaigns make active use of social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube but also incorporate search advertising, PPC (pay-per-click) and targeted email marketing.


Digital Media Channels: There are three ways to distribute digital media: as earned, owned, or paid. Owned media sits a company’s branded blog, website, social media handles. Paid media is advertising bought on popular platforms. Earned media is viral content or word-of-mouth.

Digital Marketing Provide Better KPIs: In much the same way that inbound marketing is modern marketing, digital platforms provide far better metrics for analysis and follow-up than traditional marketing campaigns. Between instant stats and conversion metrics, digital marketing analysis has far higher cost/benefits.

P.S. The best social media campaigns incorporate video. 1 in 3 social video viewers watch videos made by brands every month. For more resources, check out Scott Moe Creative.