Why New Years Eve Betrays Us Every Time


I used to get VERY excited by New Year's Eve. Much like Halloween is an excuse for your rural uncle to dress like RuPaul for the evening, NYE is a culturally appropriate moment to let loose, stay out late, and (usually) drink way too much. If you were someone who likes a good party (which I did), then December 31st is the day to anticipate while holding a cold bottle of cheap champagne.

I've always thought that it is a little strange that many people look at New Years as a time to turn over a new leaf on life and tackle some challenging goals. This will be the year we are going to write a novel, lose the weight, and organize the garage. There is a sense of expectation and possibility in the air. This year is going to be a fresh start. It all starts on January 1st, we say.

The funny thing is that January 1st is the WORST possible day to make a fresh start, if only because it could easily be called National Hangover Day. For years, I would wake up on New Year's Day feeling like the inside of a dumpster behind a condemned Arby's restaurant. My "new leaf" usually needed to a good scrubbing in the shower and a fistful of Advil before I could see straight, let alone think about the future.

This year, I'm going hang back a bit and probably keep the excess to a minimum. However, if you decide you want to enjoy this final blow-out before turning the corner for 2019, I suggest you have everything start on January 2nd.

Happy New Year!