Why You Want to be an Energizer in Your Network


One of the critical elements of success in any field is not just the belief that you can succeed, but the ability to share that positivity with others.

An Energizer isn't a Pollyanna-type with a forced smile on every situation, nor do they necessarily have to be charismatic and outwardly vibrant. Instead, they are people who bring their positive attention to their those around them. They make people feel valued, appreciated and necessary to the process. They listen with interest, give suggestions, deal straightforwardly with problems, and attempt to be fair to others. Most importantly, they approach their interactions with others with integrity.

The flip-side of being an Energizer can be catastrophic. Per Rob Cross, Professor of Global Leadership at Babson College and author of the Hidden Power of Social Networks, 5% of the people create 95% of the strife within most offices. Negative people, i.e., De-Energizers, sap others of enthusiasm, give unhelpful advice and focus on the problems and roadblocks in any scenario.

No one is an Energizer or De-Energizer all the time (ugh, that would be awful). The sourpuss at work may be a loving family member or an excellent community volunteer. However, not every environment is suited to a person's strengths and worldview.

When reviewing your network, make an honest assessment of those you spend your time with every day. You may not be the right fit for certain types of colleagues. Though it can difficult, the smartest choice is often to prune your network of those that create more conflict than comfort.

In the end, find those people that can help you be your best self.