Thoroughly Thursday - the "Happy Anniversary" Edition


Welcome back to Thoroughly Thursday, the Happy Anniversary Edition. On August 17, 2017, I posted the very first Thoroughly Thursday, which makes this our Anniversary (darling!). At the time, I was looking for an amusing way to keep in touch with clients, but it quickly evolved into something more interesting and creative (but hopefully still amusing). When it started, I had no idea if I could continue it for more than a few weeks. However, after a year it feels (to borrow a phrase from my friend Hal Bastian) like “a good start”. For those of you who have taken an interest, have given me encouragement, and offered advice, I can’t thank you enough. Onward!

What I'm Reading (Article) - New Journalism Meets New New Journalism
One of my favorite writers is Michael Lewis, whose non-fiction books on finance (Liar’s Poker, The Big Short), sports (Moneyball, the Blind Side) and life have made him one of the great “explainers” of our Age. In 2015, Lewis interviewed New Journalism legend and modern dandy Tom Wolfe for Vanity Fair called “How Tom Wolfe Became ... Tom Wolfe”. It’s a fascinating story of how Wolfe went from obscure reporter to internationally famous character

What I'm Watching - It’s Not Childbirth, But It Is Funny
Over the weekend, my daughters’ sat me down to watch (formerly of) Buzzfeed’s The Try Guys, a quartet of Millennial young men who seem willing to do anything on camera. The episode “The Try Guys Try Labor Simulation” has the group placing electrodes across their abdomen, back and (ahem) other areas to see how long they can handle the resulting muscle contractions. My wife laughed louder than all of us. FYI - Moderately NSFW.  

What I'm Listening - She Would Make Duchamp Proud
In recent months, a guilty pleasure of mine has been listening to French, world-pop sensation Jain. Blending African beats (she grew up partially in Congo-Brazzaville) with pop melodies, she’s a Benetton ad for new generation. Her music videos, like my personal favorite “Makeba”, are great surrealist escapades.  

What I'm Asking (Myself/You) - Looking Backward, Moving Forward
As I start Year 2, how can I keep improving TT and More (or less) of particular content? More videos? A podcast? E-books? Please let me know what you think. 


All the best, and remember, tomorrow is Friday. :)

Scott Moe

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