Thoroughly Thursday - the "Anytime, Anywhere" Edition


Welcome back to Thoroughly Thursday, the "Anytime, Anywhere" edition. Last week I talked about how great it would be free and "untethered" from our modern digital world, but the reality is I probably participate in it far more than the average Joe. I used to use my phone for calls and texts, and then use a laptop for most of the serious work. However, in recent months, I find that I’m using my phone for nearly everything outside of being a hairdryer. From my principal tool for writing to color-correcting photos, my smartphone has become an integral part of my creativity

What I'm Watching - A Thousand Miles of Memories to Find Home
I'm usually suspicious when my wife chooses a movie to watch since her choices steer toward desperately sad art films about orphanages or blind broom sweepers with wooden legs. This last Friday, she suggested the 2016 film Lion by Garth Davis. I will admit, the film did include an orphanage scene, but it was a marvelous story of a 5yr old boy who got separated from his family and how he eventually found his way home 25 years later. I cried, but in a good way. You can see my review here

What I'm Listening To - A Few Moments of Reflection of the American Experience
Nate DiMeo has a golden voice that speaks to you like a friend in the dark. TT-friend Lisa recently recommended the Memory Palace podcast and, on a whim, I listened to the episode "Snakes" (just listen, you won't be sorry).  Each month (or so), DiMeo recounts some random scenario in American history and spins a yarn that pulls you in. Each episode is relatively short (10 - 12 mins) and is crafted as an audio treat for your ears. If you are a fan of This American Life or Serial, you'll love this podcast. 

What I'm Reading (Article) - Just a Normal Guy Who Quietly Saved Millions of Children
There were a number of articles that I considered for this week: Ta-Nehisi Coates take-down of Kanye West or Michael Lewis' interview with Tom Wolfe (who passed away on Monday). However, this week I was inspired by James Harrison, who recently turned 80 years old in Australia. Years ago, doctors realized that he carried the rare antibody Anti-D that could help expectant mothers. So, for 60 years, he's donated blood every two weeks even though (this is the important part) HE HATES NEEDLES. He donated 1173 times and is thought to have saved 2.4 million babies. You can read more about him here and here

What I'm Doing - Mexico (Revisited)
A few weeks ago, I mentioned that my eldest and I got to participate in a house-building project in Mexico with my local Rotary club and  Cò Well, I made a video of this most recent trip which you can see here. I decided to edit the video using an iOS app called LumaFusion, which is like having FCPX on your smartphone. At one point, I was able to edit a section of the video while standing in a line waiting for a pizza.   

All the best, and remember, tomorrow is Friday. :)

Scott Moe

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