Thoroughly Thursday - the "The Ben is How Big?" Edition


Welcome back to Thoroughly Thursday, the Ben is How Big? Edition. In one week, my family and I are traveling to London to go sightseeing, and apparently, watch Britain Brexit itself into oblivion. You may be thinking, Scott, weren't you in Europe just a couple months ago? And you would be right. But, the combination of use-em-or-lose-em frequent flyer miles and my eldest's last high school Spring Break was the deciding factor in going. So, during the next seven days, I need to plan the rest of our trip, work, do laundry, pack, and try to make sure our house doesn't burn down when we're gone. So far, I'm pretty confident I can get the laundry part done. Wish me luck.

What I'm Listening To - Come Talk to Me
As I may have mentioned before, in college, I got a little obsessive about Peter Gabriel. I think I played "Solsbury Hill" a thousand times during my sophomore year to overcome the seasonal depression that came with living in a giant cornfield during the winter. However, Spotify recently released Gabriel's excellent concert album Secret World Live from 1994. Gabriel brings out the hits and is backed up by a global mix of musicians, including Paula Cole, Shankar, and African legend Papa Wemba. Originally a two-disk album, it's now a long playlist, but worth it.

What I'm Watching - Jiminy Crickets, Hargreeves Was a Terrible Dad!
I was excited when I heard that Netflix was releasing the first season of Umbrella Academy. Originally a comic book written by Gerard Way, former lead singer of My Chemical Romance, the wackadoodle story stars many pretty people (Ellen Page, Robert Sheehan, Tom Hopper, etc.) playing estranged siblings (each with their own super-power) who reunite upon the death of their adoptive father only to find out that they have a week to stop the Apocalypse (the End-of-Days one, not the Marvel one). The series was surprisingly agile with the various storylines, but what struck me was how each character has to overcome their own personal isolation (physical, emotional, and/or drug-induced) before being able to work together. Check it out if you like astral projection, time-traveling assassins, talking chimps, goofy family dynamics, and guys who wear monocles. 

All the best, and remember, tomorrow is Friday. :)

Scott Moe

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P.P.S. A beautiful way of describing how people cope with grief.

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