Thoroughly Thursday - the "Blistering Heat Wave" Edition


Welcome back to Thoroughly Thursday, the Blistering Heat Wave edition. Just when most of Southern California had been lulled into vague sense of calm by the temperate weather of June, July arrived last week and decided to make a wild entrance a few days after Independence Day. As my A/C was working, have to admit that things weren't that bad. I kind of felt like it was a "reverse snow day". We all stayed huddled near the fan, ate popsicles, and just tried to not go outside.  

What I'm Reading - Living with the Invasives
I got the opportunity to read John Green's book Turtles All the Way Down this last week, which has been on my reading list since it was first published last year. Turtles All the Way Down follows the adventures of Aza, a 16yr old girl living in Indianapolis with her mom, her beloved car Harold, and her best friend Daisy. The plot is a sorta teenage detective story/romance/philosophical discussion centered around the disappearance of a billionaire industrialist. But, the true story is how Aza deals with the challenges of life, school, family, and nearing adulthood while trying to manage anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. At any time throughout the day, intrusive thoughts can hound Aza, creating thought spirals that force her to repeatedly wash her hands, obsess on potential infections, and panic, often at the worst of times. Green, who suffers from the same affliction, has stated in interviews that he wished to show a main character who suffered from a realistic interpretation of OCD, which, unlike sometimes portrayed on TV, is neither helpful or quirky, but often maddening and terrifying to both the afflicted and those who love them.

What I'm Listening To - Sometimes Late Night TV Has Its Benefits 
Tim Ferriss is an interesting guy. Author of the Four Hour Work Week (and other books), blogger, podcaster, and angel investor, he was one of the first people to get me to use the term "hacking" for something that didn't involve computers. However, did you know how Ferriss was a hyperactive kid with insomnia who would watch late night infomercials, researching how they would sell their products? Recently, interviewer Cal Fussman talked with Ferriss about his upbringing in Long Island and his circuitous path to writing best-sellers

What I'm Promoting - IDOL Courses
This week I wanted to introduce you to instructional designer and fantastic person Robin Sargent, Ph.D. whose new company IDOL Courses just launched. They make interactive, engaging, and beautiful courses for online and in-person delivery (you can see it described in more depth with a quick explainer video here).  I've been checking them out for the last couple days and I think you'll be really impressed. If you are involved in your company's learning and development and want to know more or see a demo, you can find them on their website, LinkedIn, and Facebook. If you think "this is awesome!" you can talk with Robin here (she's really nice). 

What I'm Thinking About - Creative Car Stuck in Neutral? 
Are you a frustrated writer, artist, and/or filmmaker? Would you be interested in a free, focused 20min coaching call on staying consistently creative? I'm thinking of building a workshop/course this fall that helps people be more creative by leveraging their available tools to create consistent, high-quality work. I have several ideas on what causes people to get hung up creatively, but would like to discuss how people struggle with this issue. I promise not to "sell" you anything (it only costs you the 20min of your time for the call). I'm looking for insights and perhaps help out some other creators. If you, or someone you know, are interested, email me at

All the best, and remember, tomorrow is Friday. :)

Scott Moe

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P.P.S. Even though last week was centered around the Independence Day, it took me an extra couple days to edit this video of our local Fourth of July parade (which was so much fun). :)

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