Thoroughly Thursday - the "Call of Cthulhu" Edition


Welcome back to Thoroughly Thursday, the Call of Cthulhu edition. Over the last couple of months, much to the (occasional) scorn of my family, I often disappear on Friday evenings to play board games in my friend's basement (which is nearly as geeky as it sounds). We usually play Gloomhaven, a ridiculously complicated fantasy game involving a half-dozen boards, four sets of cards, and multiple computer tablets to track that many, many variables that determine your progress. It's a blast! I've gotten into different types of games lately and how they can be a form of improvisational storytelling (check out Critical Role, a podcast where professional voice actors perform games of Dungeons & Dragons together). This last week, I stumbled across Alone Against the Flames (pdf), a free single-player introduction to the Call of Cthulhu role-playing game which was surprisingly fun. It's kind of like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, but as opposed to being a kid fighting robots or dinosaurs, you're an obscure professor trying to keep a group of paganists from calling forth the Great Old Ones into a small New England village. 👍

What I'm Watching - The Tiny Moments That Can Mean So Much
This last week, I watched (and have been raving about) the Phone Call. The film, which won the Academy Award for Best Live-Action Short film in 2015, stars Sally Hawkins (Paddington, the Shape of Water) and Jim Broadbent (Harry PotterBridget Jones's Diary, also Paddington) as two strangers who start a conversation on a crisis line phone call. It is a gut-punch of tragedy, kindness, and beauty that lasts a mere 17 minutes, but will stay with you long afterward

What I'm Doing for Work - Animated Dental Details for the Discerning 
Lately, I've been doing a lot of animation work, which has been a lot of fun. One project was for my great friend and mentor, Julie Winkle Giulioni. Early in the summer, she challenged me to create a video based on her popular blog post, "Developing Employees is Like Brushing Your Teeth." You can see the final version here:

By the way, Julie's excellent book, Help Them Grow, or Watch Them Go, has recently been revised and expanded for its second edition. If you know of organizations that are looking to elevate employee satisfaction, engagement, loyalty, and retention, have them check out the Help Them Grow website to learn more.  

All the best, and remember, tomorrow is Friday. :)

Scott Moe

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