Thoroughly Thursday - the "Financial Aid Application" Edition


Welcome back to Thoroughly Thursday, the Financial Aid Application Edition. My oldest daughter is a senior in high school this year and for the last several months our family has been discussing, researching, and visiting various colleges and universities. This week, I filled out her FAFSA application which suddenly made it feel VERY REAL. I have to admit that the specter of future college costs has been one of the great unnerving elements of parenthood. Like beauty, fame or an emergency supply of Nutella, our children's college savings accounts have never seemed quite big enough. How much do we need to save? Three French hens? 17 gold bars? A coffee-cup filled with diamonds? I'm happy to say that so far the process is less scary than I expected, and I'm pretty sure my wife and I won't be forced to subsist a diet of porridge and celery-stew during my kids' college career. However, don't be surprised if I start hinting for dinner invites starting next September. 

What I'm Reading - The Unexpected Benefits of Boredom
This week I've been reading the wonderfully entertaining Bored and Brilliant by Manoush Zomorodi. In it, Zomorodi talks about the ways in which the messiness of life (awkward pauses in conversations, uneventful road trips, stultifying class periods) are actually when the brain has a chance to make new, interesting connections, spurring ideas and creativity. Unfortunately, those moments of boredom are being increasingly supplanted by a world largely made up of technology and the various apps that keep us engaged every day. Between computers, laptops, and smartphones, our every waking moment has something to distract us from that ever-present demon of idleness. Zomorodi suggests that sometimes just "disconnecting" from technology and embracing the uncomfortable quiet moments is all we need to be more centered, less anxious, and more creative.

What I'm Watching - A New Face, A New Gender, Same Alien 
This last Sunday was the world premiere of the latest season of the long-running series Doctor Who. It was also the unveiling Jodie Whittaker as the first female Doctor in its +50-year history. I'm not a die-hard Whovian, but the show has become a global phenomenon and the decision to cast an actress in a role that has for years been associated with quirky British men feels important and a bit overdue. Whittaker is excellent as the manic, genius, time-traveling alien and the tone, which for the last several years seemed steeped in angsty self-reflection, seems lighter and more fun. If you have never watched Doctor Who before, now may be the best time to start. 

What I'm Doing -  Incredible Indie Independent Impresario 
This last week, I've been listening to Masseduction by St. Vincent. The independent musician, producer, and film-director has developed a career that seems just one-step outside the mainstream. Her music has a quality that feels both deeply learned, but also forward-focused. In my head, I keep comparing her to Peter Gabriel, Bjork, and David Byrne (whom she collaborated for the album Love This Giant). You can check her out here.

All the best, and remember, tomorrow is Friday. :)

Scott Moe

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