Thoroughly Thursday - the "Graduate" Edition


Welcome back to Thoroughly Thursday, the Graduate Edition. This week my oldest daughter graduated from high school. It was pretty profound to watch several hundred young adults get their diplomas and to know that somewhere within that huge group of people one of them was my girl. Only a few short years ago she was still insisting that we watch PBS kid shows together (I was always partial to Wordgirl). When she was little, I always thought of her high school graduation as a finish line of sorts, the moment when she would jump from the metaphorical nest to fly on her own. What I now realize is that she's only taking first steps of adulthood and my parenting job, though different, is far from finished (though hopefully with less Caillou now).

What I'm Listening To - HANA-TIVE
This last week, I've been absorbed in the short, eponymous EP by HANA and have been playing her song "Clay" on repeat all week. The Montana-born singer-songwriter Hana Pestle had been on the college music scene for years before rebranding herself as HANA with a more synth-pop sound. She has a beautiful voice that reminds me of Russian singer Origa (which is a good thing). FYI, she's a frequent collaborator of Grimes and collaborated on the recent single "We Appreciate Power."

Who I'm Promoting - How To Be Safe in the Big City
Living in urban areas have a way of making seemingly ordinary people anxious and paranoid. We all know of people that were victimized while on the street, on the bus, in a crowd, or while taking the Metro. How do you separate the hundreds of people near you that are just moving about your lives from the handful that may do you harm? My friend Beverly Baker recently started teaching a course called "Asphalt Anthropology: Essential Safety Tactics for City Life" which teaches people how best to conduct themselves in public to not be a target, to recognize cues of potentially dangerous situations, and how best to deescalate violent moments. The LA Times recently did an article about her, and if you are interested, you can sign up here for one of her June classes.

What I'm Thinking About - Thoughts on Parenthood’s Thoughts on Parenthood
”And you know, it's not like that all ends when you're 18 or 21 or 41 or 61. lt never, never ends...There is no end-zone. You never cross the goal line, spike the ball and do your touchdown dance. Never.” - Frank Buckman (Jason Robards), Parenthood

All the best, and remember, tomorrow is Friday. :)

Scott Moe

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P.P.S My biggest laugh of the week - Peter Dinklage reading poetry to Ron Burgundy.

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