Thoroughly Thursday - the "Late Bloomer" Edition


Welcome back to Thoroughly Thursday, the Late Bloomer Edition. One of my favorite cocktail party anecdotes is the tidbit that if middle-aged Socrates had inexplicably fast-forwarded into the Renaissance via a time machine, wormhole, or a cryogenic chamber hidden in Tomorrowland, his skill as a stonemason (philosophy didn't pay much in Ancient Greece either) would still be entirely applicable to helping Michelangelo build St. Peter's Basilica. For most of human history, having mastery at one thing (leather-making, fish mongering, or basket weaving) could set you up for life, regardless of where or when you were.

Alternately, in our current era, I'm finding the challenge is trying to find ways to apply the many skills I've already learned in the last several decades (DIY zine production, Palm Pilot shortcuts, 1999-era Photoshop skills) to the new ones that are required for today's workforce. This circumstance often makes me feel like a middle-aged intern, which is not always as cool as it sounds. However, if you didn't score big on an IPO in 2001 or become an Instagram Influencer in 2014, take heart in this excellent article about D'Arcy Carden, whose years of hard work and rejection eventually paid off with her wildly popular role as Janet of the Good Place.

What I'm Reading (article) - When Does Minimalism Shift to Nothingism?
While working on a project in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, I was struck by how I was staying at an Airbnb, driving a rental car, and had borrowed the camera equipment that I was using for a shoot. Aside from my clothes and phone, everything that allowed me to function during my trip belonged to someone else. In recent years, the "Sharing Economy" has made renting nearly everything a viable option. However, if you combine that with the cultural fad of minimalism (FULL DISCLOSURE - I'm a huge Marie Kondo fan), it can take us to some weird places. Last week, my wife sent me an NPR article about a subset of extreme minimalists called the Affluent Homeless who often only own a handful of physical items (though often have enormous "digital" lives). Oh, also, Jack Dorsey doesn't use a computer.

What I'm Watching - Techno-Noir Thriller, Man
Aside from being one of the many millions who saw Avengers: Endgame this weekend (the laughter, the tears, the giant CGI Antman), I also really enjoyed the smaller noir film Hotel Artemis, starring Jodie Foster, Sterling K. Brown and a host of other stars. In the near future, a secret hospital in a rioting Downtown Los Angeles brings together a collection of injured criminals whose varying agendas spill into chaos as the night progresses. The movie feels like a beautifully-shot stage play for mobsters. Jodie Foster is excellent as the no-nonsense (but agoraphobic) nurse who runs the place, while Jeff Goldblum goes dark as the LA's criminal mastermind, the Wolf King.

What I'm Thinking About - Don't Get Dis-Orderly
”Hey... you see that badge? That means I'm a health care professional. But that knowledge goes both ways. So if you tell anybody about The Artemis, I will hunt you down and unheal the shit out of you.”
- Everest (Dave Bautista), Hotel Artemis

All the best, and remember, tomorrow is Friday. :)

Scott Moe

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