Thoroughly Thursday - the "New Year Motivation" Edition


Welcome back to Thoroughly Thursday, the "New Year Motivation" edition and welcome to 2018! Yes, this is the year when it all comes together; when you find your spirit animal and discover that money-making secret that brings in so much dough you're like one of those rich people who sleep on beds of money. Or, you can work hardtry to help those around you,  and discover the amazing power of naps (which are truly awesome). Whatever you are planning for 2018, I hope it is fun, exciting and makes the world a tiny bit better.  

What I'm Reading - Do You Have an Unhealthy Relationship with Your Scale?
I think the worst part of self-improvement is when you realize you are at the starting line... again (and sometimes again-again). This week, I read  "This Time Will Be Different: A Short Book on Making Permanent Changes" by Martin Meadows. Meant to be a primer for those hard-to-maintain habits or goals that you wish to achieve, Meadows gives a breakdown on some basic ways to incorporate safeguards, rewards, restrictions, and consequences for actually accomplishing them. I will say that due to its small size (I read it in a little over an hour), succinct advice and handful of relatable stories, I thought it was a worthwhile read. The best advice in the entire book was to make sure that whatever goal or habit you want to accomplish is one that actually has negative consequences if you don't complete it. You can see more about it here

What I'm Learning - My Next Car May be a Lyft App
We are entering an interesting time when it comes to owning a car in our society. When I arrived without a car in 1996, I felt that Los Angeles was a desert of disconnected towns connected by freeways. If you didn't have a car, you were a refugee until you could get your next ride. However, many years and many cars later, I recently found this article "Is It Cheaper to Own a Car or Use Uber? This Calculator Lets You Know" via Mental FlossThe calculator is actually from Oak Ridge National Laboratory and by putting in the cost of the car you would purchase, your average driving amounts and (most importantly) the cost of your time (which isn't always easy to calculate) helps you determine if it makes sense to buy a car or just rideshare instead.. Life can be tough without a car, but we may be getting to a time when it is the best economic decision around. You can see more on my experience with the calculator here

What I'm Doing - I Guess I Picked the Wrong Week Not to Bring Long-Johns
We've been in Cleveland visiting family this last two weeks. On Wednesday, we toured Case Western Reserve University with my oldest daughter as she'll be applying to schools this upcoming year. Considering the wind chill factor made our 2-mile walk across campus feel like 9 degrees, I didn't have much hope for the University until I saw that the library had the coolest vending kiosk ever plus a cafe called Cramelot (which actually made me laugh). So, I'm thinking it's a winner.

You can see some of the pictures I took here

What I'm thinking about - You're just not that into knitting, are you? 
"Don’t proceed any further until you imagine the future in which you don’t reach your goal. If there’s no negative stimulus — no scary vision of things staying the same — you won’t implement a permanent change in your life [...] Nothing will change in your life if you don’t feel that you have to do something about your situation."

"This Time Will Be Different: A Short Book on Making Permanent Changes" (pp. 14-15). - Martin Meadows

All the best, and remember, tomorrow is Friday. :)

Scott Moe

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P.P.S. As this is "New Year Motivation" week, I decided to expand "My Seven Non-Resolutions for 2018" into an actual post. Check it out here.