Thoroughly Thursday - the "Now With Extra Legroom" Edition


Welcome back to Thoroughly Thursday, the "Now With Extra Legroom" edition. I’ve been doing a fair amount of traveling lately, which has included much torso-bending, leg-cramping misery on various cross-country flights in the back rows next to the toilets. This last week, I got a surprise bump from Economy to Economy Plus. You may say, “what’s the big deal? It’s not Business Class. It’s just a little extra legroom.” But, I must say it was so nice not to feel like the most inept contortionist on my flight. I think my new toast to friendship be “may you be upgraded on every flight”.

What I'm Listening To - Can the Big Tent Move Forward?
This week’s recommendation The Wilderness comes from TT-friend Saida. Jon Favreau (not that one, this one), host of Pod Save America, has created a 15-part series about the history and potential future of the Democratic Party. The series is both unsparring at how Democrats have largely alienated working-class Americans but also offers suggestions for a less divisive future for both parties. I’m about have half-way through the series and it has been excellent.

What I'm Reading - It’s What You Do Every Day
This week I’ve been reading Darren Hardy’s book, the Compound Effect. Hardy, the founder of Success magazine, was a disciple of motivational speaker Jim Rohn. Their philosophy largely centers on the idea that success comes not from wild swings of luck, but rather the consistent actions that you do every day. If you are interested, productivity writer James Clear has a great summary of the book here.

What I'm Doing for Work - Gigantic Spray-on X-Ray?
In a couple weeks, the Security Industry will be converging on Las Vegas for GSX (formerly known as ASIS). During the show, I’m planning on making a series of videos around the exhibition hall for clients and industry leaders, showcasing their new products (see a sample here). If you are interested in learning more or if you just want to meet up, let me know.

All the best, and remember, tomorrow is Friday. :)

Scott Moe

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P.P.S. Earlier this week was Worldwide Suicide Prevention Day. Take a minute to reach out and maybe you can change a life.

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