Thoroughly Thursday - the "NYC" Edition

Welcome back to Thoroughly Thursday, the NYC edition. I flew into Newark on Tuesday and during a brief moment I got turned around at Penn Station and end up on the street. It suddenly hit me, I'm in NYC! I may have started giggling, though I'm not sure. I have to thank my amazing hosts Tom and Diana who made the trip spectacular. You can see my small photo essay of random NYC moments here

What I'm Reading - 
One of the more interesting paradigm shifts that seem to be happening in the medical and health fields is a movement from viewing the body’s as a mechanistic assemblage (like a very expensive and wet clock) to the far more creepy idea that our body is a vast ecosystem of organisms and brains (like a walking terrarium). Gut - the Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ by Giulia Enders  follows the path of the gut from the mouth on down to show what we know and what we are still learning about the human body. This book is also goofy fun: wanna know how someone actually vomits? Or why chewing gum actually helps freshen your breath? Or the best way to sit to go poop (even if you aren’t a unicorn). But, what I’ve found most interesting is that research is showing that the bacteria that live in our bodies aren’t a bunch of miniature hitchhikers, but really part of who “we” are

What I'm Reading (article) - 
As of last week, Syria signed on to the Paris Climate Accords, which now leaves the US as the only country to oppose it. Which, you know... I mean... I can't even. However, there is something positive to show in the discussion of global climate change. Also, in a related article, the Guardian presented a projection about how the exponential rise of green tech and the linear reduction of fossil fuels could cross in the coming years, pushing us into a net negative on carbon. :)

What I'm Listening to - 
Apparently, my local community isn't the only people around the country that are feeling the housing pinch. Recently WNYC Studios started a great series called “There Goes the Neighborhood” about the way high housing and rental costs are changing our cities, our populations and our culture in general. For those local to LA, they partnered with local KCRW for their latest episodes to talk about how Southern California is changing too.

What I'm writing - 
With the recent news of Roy Moore’s allegations of sexual misconduct, most people are aghast at the charges, while a smaller group have been willing to overlook them for a variety of reasons. The media is up-in-arms about this, but ultimately, I think we it's all stuff that was covered in my Psyche 101 class. I wrote a longer post about it here.

What I'm Doing (for work) - 
I’m happy to announce that I just presented my workshop in NYC on Wednesday at the ISC East Conference. It went really well. Additionally, as soon as the workshop was over, I took a Lyft in New Jersey for a three-hour meeting with a potential client. I ended the day among the World Trade Center, which is as awesome as it sounds. 

All the best, and remember, tomorrow is Friday. :)

Scott Moe

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P.P.S. I'm finishing this in NYC, but don't worry LA. I'll be there by this afternoon in time for the ritual traffic hour