Thoroughly Thursday - the "Pepe Le Pew" Edition


Welcome back to Thoroughly Thursday, the Pepe Le Pew Edition. In what I can only think is a sign of my own, personal impending Apocalypse, this week my dog Noodle decided (again) that in the pre-dawn hours to try to make sweet-sweet love with a skunk in our backyard. For those keeping count, this is the third time in less than a year. As you may imagine, Noodle is no longer allowed out of the house after dark without a chaperone. My friend Dan says you can tell how smart your dog is by how many times it takes him to learn not to chase the "weird, stripey cat-things." At the moment, I'm placing Noodle somewhere between Ralph Wiggum and Patrick Star on the intelligence scale.

What I'm Watching - Super(powered) Unreliable Narrator
This week, I finally finished watching Season 2 of FX's Legion, of which I'm a huge fan. Though technically a story about a Marvel comics character, the TV show is so much more. Central character David Haller has nearly god-like, reality-distorting powers or is insane, or maybe, both? Where Season 1 focused on questions of mental illness, Season 2 is about paranoia, delusion, and the common problem of when a future version of your girlfriend astrally-projects into your consciousness and tells you to protect the villainous parasite that lived in your brain for 30 years to help stave off the end of the world. If you like strange, trippy and adventurous storytelling, I highly recommend watching it.

What I'm Reading - Positive Skill Vibrations
On a whim, I decided to read Jen Sincero's You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life this last week. I'm of the opinion that the majority of self-help books preach the same handful of lifehacks (i.e., practice positive self-talk, avoid poisonous people, don't get drunk before meeting your inlaws in a fancy restaurant, etc.). What separates the good from the merely tolerable is how well they can share those ideas before you tune them out. Sincero, a former struggling musician and rabble-rouser turned life coach, doesn't necessarily cover anything you haven't heard before, but her storytelling is incredibly funny and relatable. If you can tolerate the occasional discussion of vibratory energies and tapping the Great Spirit, you'll have a good time.

Who I'm Promoting - California is More Than Just a Place
Earlier this month Socal band Little Silver Hearts released California, a new EP of original West Coast Americana, which is on my shortlist of favorite new music. Including four new songs by singer Sean Lowenthal and a cover of Morphine's "Buena," the entire album was recorded live in the studio with the full band. You can find it here, and here. Additionally, the Little Silver Hearts is graciously offering one lucky TT-subscriber a chance to win a "backstage pass" flash drive that includes all four LSH albums. Sign up today for TT to join the raffle.

What I'm Working On - Comfy, Countryside Cabin Commercial
Back in the summer, we had the opportunity to stay in a beautiful cottage in the countryside of Slovenia. This week, I finally finished a short promotional video for the owners to attract future guests. If you are interested, you can find out more here.

All the best, and remember, tomorrow is Friday. :)

Scott Moe

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