Thoroughly Thursday - the "Summer Solstice" Edition


Welcome back to Thoroughly Thursday, the "Summer Solstice" edition. Originally, I was going to title this the Father's Day Edition but then realized that the Summer Solstice is far cooler than a picture of a guy with a bunch of ties. I've been traveling a lot, which I've been whining about just a little bit. So far the summer has been beautiful in both the Southwest and Northeast (I can't really speak to all the places in-between but I hear it's good there too) and I wish you the best as we begin the second half of 2018. 

What I'm Watching -  The Continuing Adventures of the Parr Family
The original Incredibles is one of my favorite movies (especially this scene), so when Incredibles 2 came out this last weekend, my family saw it (along with the majority of the developed world). It's great to be back in Brad Bird's mid-century modernism world, though the story felt a bit repetitive. Also, I'm getting concerned that Jack-Jack has become the Pixar version of the Minions (ie. a secondary comic-relief character that takes over the franchise). TD;LR - Great continuation of the first story, though largely keeps us in the same territory as before. Jack-Jack versus the raccoon is worth the price of admission. 

What I'm Reading - Rebuilding a Life Online 
In case you don’t know, Hannah Hart is one of the most popular YouTube creators active today. Originally a viral sensation for her show "My Drunk Kitchen", she's expanded into a multimedia powerhouse. I’ve owned her book Buffering for several months, but never really felt a strong motivation to read it until recently. I figured it would be an easy read about a young YouTuber, and contain several "advice" chapters uninteresting to any over the age of 35 (it does). However, the crux of the book is the much deeper story of her childhood under the care of her mother who suffered from severe schizophrenia and the challenges that it created in her life then and now. While Hart always comes across as open and forgiving of her complicated history, the story of her efforts to gain guardianship of her mother as an adult is both infuriating and heartbreaking. 

What I'm Doing - Okay, "Vlogging" isn't Really a Bad Word, Is It?
A couple of years ago, I got inspired to try "vlogging", but found I couldn't keep up with the logistics of planning-filming-logging-editing-posting on any type of regular schedule, mostly because I kept trying to make mini-movies every day. But, I missed creating videos, so I'm back at it

What I'm Doing (for Work) - Most of Y'All Know Me As Scott Anyway
Just a quick FYI. After several months of deliberating, I decided to drop the Digital Training Group brand which I used for the last several years for my business. Over the next several weeks, I will be consolidating my different work and creative activities into the Scott David Moe site

What I'm Writing - Existentialism at the Food Court
You know, there are some great features of our modern retail economy, but getting a pizza on a Friday night at my local Costco really isn't one of them. 

All the best, and remember, tomorrow is Friday. :)

Scott Moe

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