Thoroughly Thursday - The "Thanksgiving" Edition

Welcome back to Thoroughly Thursday, the Thanksgiving editionHappy Thanksgiving, everyone! Congratulations on getting to today and I hope that you have an opportunity to reflect on who and what you love. For me, creating Thoroughly Thursday and developing this community has been both wonderful and humbling and I'm truly grateful for each week that I'm allowed to continue it. Thank you so much for being a part of it. 

Interesting footnote - It never really occurred to me before now that Thanksgiving is really the only holiday that celebrates cooking and creating community through food. That being said, I hope you have an awesome Holiday and can spend it doing what you love. 

What I'm Watching - 
John Green, who you might know from such fantastic books as Fault in Our Stars and the recently released Turtles All the Way Down is also a YouTube creator. Actually, he's one of the biggest creators out there with educational channels like Crash CourseSciShowMental Floss and so much more. This video empire started with weekly videos sent between his brother Hank and himself. Green has always been a uniquely gifted and open communicator, but his recent video "Because We're Here" is one of his best. 

What I'm Listening to - 
First, let me admit that I've gotten a little obsessive about Taylor Swift's ...Ready For It? (and the video is completely bonkers). However, on the few occasions when I need a respite from singing cyborgs, I've been listening to Part-Time Genius. It's an amusing podcast that covers such interesting things as what is daily life like in Antartica and strange facts about mustaches but also, interesting pieces like are truckers the backbone of the American economy? This week's episode celebrates the life and work of Mr. Rogers, who was truly awesome!

What I'm Doing (for work) - 
A few weeks ago, I got to help interview a Vietnam Veteran named Jim Perley who is now trying to help homeless veterans find new housing. Though the video was edited originally for Veteran's Day, I think it works fine for Thanksgiving too. You can see the video here

What I'm Writing - 
I've started writing a series of pieces about my experiences I had in New York City. The first of them is about why I can't be trusted around trains called Leaving New Jersey

What I'm asking - 
How can I be more like Mr. Rogers? Seriously, he's so inspiring

All the best, and remember, tomorrow is Black Friday. :)


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