Thoroughly Thursday - the "Too Much Holiday" Edition


Welcome back to Thoroughly Thursday, the Too Much Holiday Edition. I love the Holidays, but like polka music or a Cheesecake Factory's menu, you can have too much of a good thing. For me, the Holidays move from joyful and expectant in the first weeks of December (the first lights on the houses, the occasional Hanukkah picture, the annual glass of eggnog) to something a bit tenser (overly-decorated Christmas trees, buying novelty gifts for coworkers, all the gift-wrapping). As we enter the last weeks of the year, I encourage you to be gracious, purchase extra packs of Scotch tape, and dance responsibly at the Holiday office party.

What I'm (not) Watching - The Marvelous Something Something
The 2nd Season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel just dropped, and I haven't watched it yet. Usually, I only suggest something that I have had a chance to review. However, my wife and daughters binge-watched the entire ten episodes this weekend. When the final installment finished, there was a lot of screaming, shouting, and several hours of discussion between the three of them about what happened. Additionally, my youngest has recently offered to re-watch the entire season with me so I can "catch up." You might want to check it out.

What I'm Reading - The Many Successes of Our Time
This last week, I've been reading It's Better Than It Looks by Gregg Easterbrook. We often hear that the world is continually getting worse. However, contrary to much of the news, social media, and certain politically-persuasive ideologies, humanity has never been more likely to escape poverty and crime, live healthy lives, be educated, and allow individuals to pursue their dreams. Additionally, many environmental efforts (reforesting large portions of the world, reducing the farming acreage, cleaning rivers and coastlines, and saving endangered species) have been great successes. Fighting global warming is our generation's biggest challenge, but as Easterbrook makes clear, it is not unlike multiple problems humanity has faced and overcome many times before.

What I'm Reading (Article) - I Always Make a Habit of Completing What I...
I read this great article "Why You Start Things You'll Never Finish" by Tim Herrera. As you might have noticed, I love new things. There are far too many books to read, movies to watch, and scarves to knit that will ever fit into one day/week/year. I have a terrible tendency to make ambitious plans for massive projects which often never get beyond the first three days of execution, and I doubt I'm alone in this. The solution? Herrera suggests making sure you account realistically for the time required for a new project before you start. And, because our brains like to deceive us on how fast we can do things, take the estimated time and triple it. By this logic, it will take 73 hours for me to actually make the Christmas cookies I plan to bake this weekend.

All the best, and remember, tomorrow is Friday. :)

Scott Moe

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