Thoroughly Thursday - the "Wonders of Ice Cream" Edition


Welcome back to Thoroughly Thursday, the "Wonders of Ice Cream" edition. My youngest just got her tonsils out Wednesday morning. As surgeries go, a tonsillectomy is considered relatively straightforward, but the recovery is a bit rough. Once we got home yesterday, we binged-watched the Paddington movies and the Great British Baking Show while binge-eating popsicles, pudding and, yes, ice cream. And, though I got my own tonsils out 42 years ago, I felt it was necessary to stay and help her put a dent in that ice cream in tonsil-less solidarity. Now, pass the spoon. 



What I'm Watching - Oaaak-Laaa-HOMA! Oaklahoma, Oaklahoma, Oaklahoma, Oaklahoma!
No, not the 1955 musical directed by Fred Zinnerman. This weekend, I got to introduce my girls to the cinematic gem "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels", which, thankfully, lived up to modern, cultural scrutiny. Michael Caine and Glenne Headly are great, but, for me, it's Steve Martin's portrayal of Freddy Bensen/Rupecht that remains one of my favorite absurdist characters. You can see my review here


What I'm Listening to - Orchestral Maneuvers in the Cloth
I've talked in the past about my admiration for the band Radiohead. However, this last week I learned that the band's guitarist Jonny Greenwood (who is responsible for the fantastic guitar riff in the song "Creep") has a side job as an epic film composer. Director Paul Thomas Anderson has used Greenwood to score all of his films since 2007's There Will Be Blood. On the recommendation of the amazing writer, Scott Reynolds, I decided to check out the Phantom Thread soundtrack. I have yet to see the movie, but the music is wonderfully orchestral, complex and accessible. 


What I'm Reading - Postpartum Alcoholism
I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of Janelle Hanchett upcoming memoir "I'm Just Happy to Be Here". Hanchett, best known for her blog Renegade Mothering and viral posts about parenting, has a brutal way of cutting through to the heart of a well-worn subject and exposing the searing humanity lying underneath. There is something scary and dangerous about someone who can write so well about falling into addiction while starting a family, but her craftsmanship is evident on every page. The book will be released on May 1st, but you can read part of the first chapter here


What I'm Thinking About - Wise Words from the Irreverent Puck
"Ice-cream is the favorite currency of love." - from the 19th Century humor magazine Puck, as discussed in their article A Few Casual Remarks on Ice Cream, June 8th, 1881


All the best, and remember, tomorrow is Friday. :)

Scott Moe

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