Thoroughly Thursday - the "World Values Day" Edition


Welcome back to Thoroughly Thursday, the World Values Day edition. Today is World Values Day, which may be a surprise to you. Initially started by the UK Values Alliance, World Values Day attempts to challenge people to assert their values (integrity, perseverance, creativity) into their daily activities with their communities. Growing up, the term "values" often had a sorta religious connotation for me. The people who talked about "values" usually seemed to think Little House on the Prairie was the pinnacle of cultural progress. However, those former champions of morality have gone apparently bonkers, so I'm finding that getting back to simple ideas like kindness and compassion is beneficial to my mental health. The promoters of #worldvaluesday don't necessarily say what values individuals should empower, but I would venture to guess that the Golden Rule would be a pretty great place to start. 

What I'm Listening To -  The History of Funny Business
TT-friend Lisa turned me on to this fantastic new podcast called the History of Standup. Veteran standup comedian and USC lecturer on stand-up (yes, that is a thing) Wayne Federman hosts a half-hour series each week on the origins of standup from vaudeville, variety shows like Ed Sullivan, the comedy explosion of the 1980s, and into the modern era. It is a hugely entertaining sojourn through history and the impact of some of the world's best comics on our society.

What I'm Listening To (Too) - The Other Lead Singer of Genesis
This last week, I've been dipping back into my old record collection. During college, I got really into Peter Gabriel, especially his soundtrack to the Last Temptation of Christ, which was later released as Passion. Gabriel worked as composer, arranger, and producer, assembled musicians and singers from North Africa and the Middle East to create an immensely complex but beautiful album. It remains one of the touchstones of the world music genre. However, if that seems a bit much, check out this excellent version of "In Your Eyes" from his "Secret World" tour in 1993. 

What I'm watching - A Smorgasbord of Eclectic
Okay, as opposed to a new movie or TV show, this week I present three strange, but beautiful, short video pieces:

Who I'm Promoting - You Don't Need to Find A New Office Alone
My friend Nina Steiner just created a new website that you should check out. She is a tenant rep broker, which means she helps companies find new spaces, renegotiate existing leases or find tenants to sublease unused space, usually at NO COST to her clients. If you are looking for a huge warehouse to rent or perhaps a tiny office in a co-working space, Nina is savvy, dependable and someone you should meet. 

All the best, and remember, tomorrow is Friday. :)

Scott Moe

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