Thoroughly Thursday - the "What Grown-Ups Do" Edition


Welcome back to Thoroughly Thursday, the "What Grown-Ups Do" edition. My daughter is learning to drive. However, w/ these latest exploits into freedom, I find myself explaining to my kids that there is more to this adulting thing then borrowing the car and watching Psych reruns. It also includes cleaning your room, doing the dishes occasionally, and being nice to the people who do your laundry (me). It’s what grown-ups do, I tell her.

I’m finding that I’m using the phrase quite a bit lately. Grown-ups clean up after the dog. Grown-ups don't leave wet towels on the floor. Grown-ups volunteer to vacuum the living room after eating a giant bowl of popcorn. It's all lies, of course, but it's fun to pretend we're not all improvising every day.

What I'm Reading - My Primer for the Girly Years
A handful of years ago, my wife got the book “Untangled” by Lisa Damour, a psychologist's take on adolescent girls and their growth to adulthood. After raving about it, she gave it to me and I kept it unread on my bedside for ages before realizing I no longer understood what was going on around me. I highly recommend it who interacts with women under 20 and wonders if they are occasionally unhinged or, possibly, possessed. Though I haven't read it, I'm told "Raising Cain" by Dan Kindlon and Michael Thompson is the analog for young men.

What I'm Watching - A Cool, Kicking Cat King
Like the vast majority of the film-viewing world I got to see Black Panther this weekend. Unlike most comic book movies where I rush to see as a fanboy (fan-man?), this felt like a "cultural moment" similar to Wonder Woman. By using a fictional, technologically-advanced African country within our modern world, Black Panther provides a new way to explore black identity, Afrofuturism, gender equality and the effects of cultural isolationism. Though there are dozens of articles on the movie, here is my take: Chadwick Bozeman was perfect casting, Lupita N'Yongo pulls off international super-spy, I wanted more Sterling K. Brown, and Letitia Wright's portrayal of Shuri totally steals the movie.

What I'm Doing - Hakuna Matata Till We Die
My daughter had two days of dance competition this weekend at the Disneyland Hotel, followed by a team excursion into the park itself on Monday. My dad was visiting so it got to be 3 generations on Thunder Mountain, which was awesome. As an adult, I find that I don't really even care about the rides anymore. The ambiance and attention to detail that Disneyland creates is great and I can see why people can get a bit obsessive. Additionally, we could see the upcoming Star Wars Land being built, which makes me want to go back... someday.

All the best, and remember, tomorrow is Friday. :)

Scott Moe

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